Resolutions: Who Said It Had To Be Perfect? No One.

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Simple and profound.

In my opinion, resolutions are like small bodies of water. They are this ideas which can be deep or shallow–depending on the needs of the person. In the pursuit of change, all these things–all these droplets–are collected in this body of water called resolution.

The other definition of a resolution is as follows:


  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.“she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more.”

2. the quality of being determined or resolute.he handled the last French actions of the war with resolution.”

Beware of one thing, dear ones. The road to change will have you thinking your process will be without uncertainty, mishaps, mistakes and other transitions. With the tool of social media, the rest of the filtered world will have you to believe everyone is having an awesome time! There aren’t having hiccups, doubts, fits of rage while trying to change their lives.

What happens next is you think, “Why can’t I change want to do like my other 1500 Facebook friends, 800 ‘Gram followers, and the squads on Twitter, Tik Tok and Snapchat?”

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The timeless wisdom of Tyler Effin Durden.
Google him.

Fam, take a spoonful of the wisdom of Mr. Durden. Perfection, on the surface is at best an illusion–at worst, impossible. Perfection is always going to be unattainable, or just out of reach. No one on your social media has gotten it–no matter the filter!

Resolutions, at like bodies of water. They collect the droplets (life experiences–good and bad–in this case) needed to become what they must be come, what nature has designated them to become. It is the storms, the sun, the droughts and the downpours that allow the body of water to become what it will become.

The path is never straight. It is never cookie-cutter. Never perfect. Once you accept this, making resolutions and keeping them, will no longer prove to be impossible.

Collect the water and keep going.

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