Things Scarier Than COVID…Being Black In A Horror Movie!

Read Horror Noire by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and watch the documentary of the same name on Shudder. Halloween is in 26 days…

Man, look.

I was born in the Freddy-Jason-Michael Myers era. I remember when to be Black in a horror movie meant you would never make it to the end of the movie! I remember watching scary movies with my cousins and being frightened out of my mind! This is where my maternal grandmother called me ‘sensitive.’

Yet, I like other 70’s-80’s babies watched Jason ripped and slash through everyone–including Black folk! I saw Freddy stalk and hunt everyone he could–including Black folk. Oddly, I cannot remember Michael Myers killing anyone Black. But on the safe side? Let’s just assume that he did.

Falling in a horror movie as a Black person is scary!

Being a Black person in a horror movie is scary!

Being Black while watching a horror movie is scary!

Nall. At age 39, I have developed a foolproof way to keep my sanity in check without turning all the lights on in my house. Note: These are just tips, and I am here to help:

1.) Watch a movie with people who won’t make fun of you if you jump.

2.) Don’t drink anything or pee beforehand. You’re welcome!

3.) Remember this is from someone’s imagination. Or not.

4.) Check all doors and windows before said movie starts.

5.) Check all doors and windows–AS A TEAM!–after the movie is over.

You can wear a mask, socially distance and stay away from folk to keep from getting COVID. But what can you do to get away from a dude with a machete, a butcher knife, and the ability to kill you in your sleep? I’ll wait.

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