Firestarter Hotsheet: Tokyo 2021

The OIC is a racist, misogynistic, anti-Black organization. They are the arm of white supremacy and I will add more to it before I take anything away.

The Tokyo 2021 Olympics started officially on Friday, July 23, and will be going on for the next three weeks. Yet, this time, I have no desire to watch these games.


I am not being sensitive, I am not over reacting, I am not reaching, and I am not here for those that think that I am. These Olympics have shown me what I believe has been there is entire time, but I was not paying attention. Or chose not to pay attention! Remember: just because Black people are involved with something, doesn’t mean the thing they are participating in isn’t still anti-Black.

Sha’Carri Richardson got banned for marijuana use; White athletes are allow to promote their cannibus (read: marijuana) use and companies that provide it.

Simone Biles has to be ‘regular’ rather than spectacular because her talent is intimidating.

Black women can’t wear specific swim caps for their hair.

African women are being excluded from track events because their natural hormone levels are too high.

But I am supposed to cheer? What am I cheering for? Cheer for what?

My heart and love is with every one of my sisters that is competing. My heart is with every Black woman that is competing–and will excel!–despite the weights being tethered to them. These Olympic games, these 2021 Tokyo Olympic games?

No. No thank you.

Y’all can have it.

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