Talk About It Tuesday: 07/27/2021

Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic Torch with box braids in Tokyo.

Naomi knows who she is. Nothing Black touches can be erased.

The howling Karens cannot grasp that there a Black woman somewhere, somehow, living her best life without or in spite of their uber-supervision.

I am a fan of Naomi and just how pressed she makes White women. The thing is, these Karens, Baileys and diet Punky Brewsters, cannot stand, neither can they compete with all that Black women are–but what to emulate us! While I have chosen not to watch the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, my heart and support are with all my sisters competing.


I won’t ask you all why you all think White women are still pressed about anything Black women do. I am going to ask you what do you think we as Black women can do, need to do, to make sure that we remain magical in the face of a world that wants us to shrink?


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